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Our heart beats for Tyrolean mountains and our unique diamond coating technology.
Our customers profit from best performance and highest reliability for your products using
expertise of CarbonCompetence and customised, industrial coating facilities.

Diamond meets Industry 4.0
The result: Diamond 4.0 – coating systems

The plant concept of CarbonCompetence will allow production cycles of CVD diamond technology, known today for PVD-coatings only. Thus, diamond technology will reach broader acceptance and new fields of applications.

By means of our industrial coating facilities, available in three sizes, unique, diamond 4.0 coatings for your tools or products are synthesized.

The small facility focusses on reproducible diamond-coating for individual parts, smallest batches but also for research and development.

The medium-sized facility can modularly adapt the capacity to the daily requirements and is designed for industrial production.

By extension with locks, a throughput system is possible, which allows 24/7 production.

All systems are designed in accordance with industry 4.0, CE-certificated and will guarantee process reliability, full process control and immediate support.

Carbon Competence in Wattens
medium-sized Diamond 4.0 coating facility at Wattens, Austria

Industrial diamond coating technology customised for your products and implemented in your production chain is offered for the first time. So you get full process control and short distances.

Based on innovative quick-change systems, handling will be simplified and set-up time shortened. No prior coating expertise in your house will be required.

The opportunity to adapt the coating area individually to your daily requirements will be realised in Diamond 4.0 systems for the first time allowing economic prices.

Diamond coating of various tungsten carbides with cobalt content between 6 and 20 %wt. requires an optimised pre-treatment process which consists of the cleaning and wet-chemical etching process individually adapted to the solid carbide grade. These processes are made available to the customer and the employees are trained. Depending on the lot size, these processes can be offered manually or automatically.

Further developments of the processes, developments of new substrates or materials are taken over by our expert team and are continuously provided to the customer.

CarbonCompetence Dr. Doris SteinmuellerCarbonCompetence Handling

After implementation and set-up in your production we will provide guidance by training, regular updates and individual developments. In addition, we support you in writing project-proposals and in project management.

On request, analyses of your coated tools or components before and after the practice can be carried out both in house and in close cooperation with our long-term network partners at universities and research labs.

CarbonCompetence Dr. Detlef SteinmuellerCarbonCompetence

25+ years of research-know-how

Based on more than 20 years of experience and competence in carbon-based coatings we know what is important to our customers:


All coated products have to guarantee high technical performance and highest reproducibility.


Due to flexible production processes and high diversity of the products, diamond coating has to be provided fast ensuring high availability.

Economic efficiency

Implementation of diamond coating in your production will result in savings of approx. 45% along the overall value chain. Special know-how remains in your house.

Our secret: Diamond 4.0

1994 the founders and physicists Doris and Detlef Steinmüller developed a technology allowing production of high-tech diamond coatings on large areas. Since then we refined our technology continuously for different applications in wear resistance, medical devices and bio-sensors.

Based on our industrial Diamond 4.0 system concept the CarbonCompetence technology will be provided for your products individually.

Our Diamond 4.0 coatings are nearly 100% pure diamond. This is the way you get the excellent properties of natural diamond for your application in: wear protection, medical devices, implantology and sensor technology.
Coating thickness can be adjusted via visualization system and range typically between 500 nm and 25 μm. Only with CarbonCompetence technology micro-crystalline (1 – 10 μm) as well as extremely small, so-called ultra-nano-crystalline (5 nm) diamond coatings with high growth rate can be produced.
These extremely small crystals allow optimal connection with the substrates (e.g. tungsten carbide, titanium, ceramics, silicon, etc.) during the first growth.

Take the advantage and unique selling propositions of our Diamond 4.0 coating facilities for your products:

Cost efficiency

Today economic feasibility is becoming more and more relevant for our customers – especially of fiber-reinforced materials like CFRP or GFRP, graphite or ceramics. Significant cost saving in machining these materials is achievable with our industrially produced Diamond 4.0 coatings.


Our technology extends the lifetime of your tools significantly, ensures low wear and abrasion and will save valuable resources like tungsten.

Surface quality

Smooth surfaces or Diamond 4.0 coatings achieve better surface quality and reduce expensive reworking of the machined components.

Heat conductivity

Diamond 4.0 coatings possess high thermal conductivity. Therefore, heat produced during machining can be dissipated quickly from the local, hot cutting area reducing processing temperature.

The origin of our innovation:
Tyrolean Mountains

Our team

Without a dedicated team even the best technology will be useless. CarbonCompetence supports you actively and with high commitment with physicists, engineers and specialists in all phases of projects and production.

Detelf Steinmüller

Dr. Detlef Steinmüller

CEO, Physicist

Doris Steinmüller

Dr. Doris Steinmüller-Nethl

Physicist, Head of r&d, Administration

Philipp Steinmüller

Philipp Steinmüller, B.Sc.

Software engineer

Markus Kleinlercher

Markus Kleinlercher

Software specialist

Georg Schwarzmann

Ing. (HTL) Georg Schwarzmann

Mechanical engineer

Jakob Arnold

Jakob Arnold

Physics lab technician

Aurica Mustafa

Aurica Mustafa

Assistance on work preparation, analytics

In selected projects trainees of Tyrolean schools and students of University of Innsbruck and Kufstein will support us. Thus, we are bringing new and creative ways of thinking in our team.